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With this November 2021 Newsletter from Windows – Channels for Communication, we want to tell you of our decision to bring to an end the work of Windows for Peace (UK). However, we emphasise that the work in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories goes on as vigorously as ever. In so many ways, the work to bring the communities together is both more difficult and more important than ever. Through our eighteen years’ connection with Windows we have constantly admired and been astonished by their resilience in the face of appalling political situations. This commitment is exemplified by their reaction to the recent hostilities as described in the Newsletter.

We have had many successes in the UK, not just the financial support we have been able to pass on (in excess of half a million pounds), but also in the work with Muslim and Jewish students in the UK; the running of two summer schools in Edinburgh for young journalist groups, and art and film projects. More recently, our work has concentrated solely on fund-raising and, whilst there has been much interest from young people in the work of Windows, the fund-raising aspects have not proved popular. Thus, the number of trustees and volunteers has dwindled – and we are getting older! Therefore, it is time to quit whilst, as they say, we are ahead.
Much of the funds we have raised has been transferred to Windows without strings. This has given them the freedom to pursue the programmes which they deem to be most important. However, in the last year or so, we have concentrated our funding on two specific programmes, which are enormously important for the future. One is to spread the Windows techniques into schools – thus reaching a far larger number of youngsters. The second is to formalise their 30 years of techniques and experience into a form, that can be used by others. Both projects give Windows a place in the future of dialogue and understanding between Jews and Palestinians in the region.
This work must go on. Therefore, whilst we shall formally terminate Windows for Peace (UK) at the end of our current financial year (September 30th 2021), we are very much hoping that you will continue your generous support by donating directly.

There are two ways to do this. The first is to donate directly to the Windows CfC sterling PayPal account, where you can make single or regular monthly donations (using your own credit card). Please follow the ‘Support Us’ link on the Spring 2021 Newsletter, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Sterling PayPal button.

The second way is via the UK office of the New Israel Fund (ring-fenced for Windows). Click here for a form explaining how to do this. If you have a standing order for Windows for Peace (UK), please cancel it with your bank by 30th September 2021.

On behalf of all the team at Windows – Channels for Communication, the countless volunteers and interns, and the many hundreds of Palestinian and Jewish young people who have grown and benefited from the Windows experience, we thank you most sincerely for your support. Do please continue to help them work for a better future.

Yours in peace, Shalom, Salaam,

Present and former Trustees, Windows for Peace (UK)

Responses to the “situation” in the Middle East vary from apathy to helplessness to anger and every emotion in between. Many good people want to do something to improve the situation but feel impotent as no one seems to make any lasting progress.

However, by facilitating dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth Windows for Peace UK gives people the opportunity to make a real difference. Mainly, we do this by supporting the work of Windows Channels for Communication (CfC) in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

Windows CfC help young people find “someone to talk to on the other side.” By talking and more importantly listening, individuals begin to realise that they have more in common than not. They become a living example of a true alternative based on dialogue. They influence their communities from the inside and in turn, we hope that they will raise their children with less fear and more humanness.

We are a registered charity (no. 1108358) and are not aligned to any political or religious group or cause.

Who are we?

We are a completely volunteer-run charity and as a result have extremely low running costs. Approximately 97% of all money raised is used to fund the Windows CfC activities in Israel and the OPT.

How to get involved

The easiest way to help is to make a donation, either a single donation or a Standing Order.

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You can also organise your own fund-raising event, or sponsored activity either as an individual or a group. We have resources to help you do this – please click here to email us: